Ski Saddle Bracket (single)

$80.00 $105.00

SKU: 35-397

SLP Ski Mounting Saddle Brackets

Powder coated saddle brackets manufactured using high tensile strength steel provide a strong, lightweight and attractive ski to spindle attachment. Each bracket is supplied with additional parts if required, such as a bolt, nut, damper, and spindle bushing.

For Powder Pro™, SLT™, Tri-Keel™ and MoHawk Skis™, Sold per each (2 required to complete a set of skis)

SLP Skis are sold as component parts that together complete a ski assembly. All component parts are sold per each except Runners which are sold per pair. Example: 2 Ski Mounting Saddle Assemblies, 2 Loops, 2 Ski Bottoms and 1 Standard Carbide (Pair).