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MoHawk Ski Bottom (Single)

by SLP
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Introducing the SLP Mohawk Snowmobile Ski – Elevate Your Winter Adventure!

Unleash the full potential of your snowmobile with the revolutionary SLP Mohawk Snowmobile Ski, designed to redefine your winter riding experience. Engineered for performance and precision, these skis deliver unparalleled control and responsiveness, making them the ultimate choice for avid snowmobilers seeking an edge in all conditions.

The SLP MoHawk Ski™ is sold as component parts that together complete a ski assembly. All component parts are sold per each except Runners which are sold per pair. Example: 2 Ski Mounting Saddle Assemblies, 2 Loops, 2 Ski Bottoms and 1 Standard Carbide (Pair).
Key Features:

Cutting-Edge Mohawk Design:
The SLP Mohawk Ski features a distinctive mohawk-shaped center keel, providing unmatched stability and carving capabilities. This innovative design enhances steering control, ensuring you can navigate diverse terrains with confidence.

Optimized Performance:
Crafted from high-quality materials, these skis are built to withstand the rigors of challenging snow conditions. The Mohawk design minimizes darting, enhances straight-line tracking, and promotes improved handling in all snow conditions, from powder to hardpack.

Responsive Handling:
Experience a new level of responsiveness and agility with the SLP Mohawk Ski. The carefully engineered profile ensures quick and precise response to rider input, allowing you to confidently tackle twists, turns, and jumps with ease.

Versatility in Terrain:
Whether you're tearing through fresh powder, cruising on groomed trails, or navigating tight corners, these skis excel in various terrains. Enjoy the versatility to conquer any winter landscape and elevate your snowmobiling adventure.

Easy Installation:
Designed with convenience in mind, the SLP Mohawk Ski is easy to install, fitting seamlessly onto your snowmobile. Spend less time in the garage and more time on the snow, as these skis are ready to hit the trails right out of the box.

Durability That Lasts:
Built to withstand the demands of aggressive riding, the SLP Mohawk Ski is crafted with durability in mind. Trust in a product that can handle the toughest conditions, ensuring longevity and peak performance season after season.

Upgrade your snowmobile experience with the SLP Mohawk Snowmobile Ski – where innovation meets adventure. Unleash the full potential of your ride and dominate winter landscapes with confidence. Order your set today and discover the thrill of precision snowmobiling like never before!

Color: Black