ARGON CYLINDERS SET- one inflation



2 X ARGON CYLINDERS (one set for one inflation)

Argon is a non-flammable gas.

AEROSIZE cartridges do not require any maintenance if stored properly.

AEROSIZE cartridges are disposable and they cannot be refilled.
Improper handling can lead to system failure.
The AEROSIZE cartridges must be protected against damage. Damaged cartridges should be replaced with new ones. Keep the cartridges away from heat sources (direct sunlight, heaters, cookers, etc.). Flying with this type of cartridges is approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association, a worldwide airlines trade association).
System is designed and certified for AEROSIZE gas cartidges only.
Use of any other gas cartridges is stricly prohibited.
Technical data:
1. The working pressure of one cartridge is 223 Bar
2. The cartridges are designed to operate in temperatures of up to +50°C and the use of the cartridge must be limited to this temperature range.
3. The compressed gas in the cartridges is non-flammable Argon gas. Do not inhale Argon directly, e.g. when deflating the airbag. Argon may be harmful in higher concentrations. Argon is heavier than air.
4. The AEROSIZE cartridge can only be used in the AEROSIZE System. Do not refill disposable cartridges. If the weight of the gas cartridge is less than the minimum weight specified on the cartridge (minimum gross weight), the cartridge should be rejected.
5. Dispose of the old cartridges is the same as of any other products made of steel
6. AEROSIZE cartridges meet the requirements of ISO 11118.

AEROSIZE cartridges must not be exposed to temperatures above +50°C (122°F).
AEROSIZE cartridges should be kept away from sources of heat and ignition (direct sunlight, exposed flame, furnaces, etc.).
When the gas is leaving the cartridge it may cause the cartridge to freeze up. Do not touch the empty cartridge with bare hands.