T - Motion Delete

$59.95 $74.95


Eliminates T-motion to stabilize your machine and reduce rear end washout when side-hilling

Stainless steel sleeve with brass bushing 

Presses into your rear swing arm in place of your T-motion heim joint, to act as a solid, single axis pivot, and eliminate any side to side motion

PLEASE NOTE: This product will put additional strain on other components of your machine. It can cause premature wear and even failure of other components in extreme conditions. Munster is not responsible for the replacement of damaged components due to deleting your T-motion. 



TDG01B - All Skidoo Gen 4 models 2017 and newer & XM 600 models 2013 - 2016

TDX01B - Skidoo XM 800 models 2013 - 2016