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Outlaw Twin Pipes (Polaris)

by SLP
Original price $3,307.87 - Original price $4,569.43
Original price
$3,307.87 - $4,569.43
Current price $3,803.08

The toughest Outlaw on snow just got tougher and meaner!

SLP Outlaw Stage 2 Kit combines the 17 horsepower delivered from our Outlaw Twin Pipes with the phenomenal 5-7 horsepower mid-range and 6 horsepower peak performance of SLP Power Dome Billet Heads for a fierce combination. This added performance and instantaneous throttle response makes this kit ideal for the ultimate performance seeker. Kit also utilizes a Flash Tuner, Power Shift Clutch Kit, High Flow Intake Kit, Hot Air Elimination Kit and a Torque Arm.

Reduces weight by 6 pounds.

Fuel Requirements:

For elevations 0-4000’: 1 gallon of aviation or race fuel per 4 gallons of 91 octane pump fuel.

For elevations 4000’ and above: 91 octane pump fuel with 1 oz of Lucas Octane Booster per gallon of fuel.

Stage: Stage 1
Fitment: 19-20 Axys 850 0-3K'