Mission Control Handlebars 1.5

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ASTRA (Offroad) is super happy to introduce the Mission Control Series snowmobile handlebars.
The Mission Control Series are designed to enhance a rider's position of strength. The handlebars feature a clamping diameter of 1-1/8" and control diameter of 7/8' and an overall width of 29.5"/750 mm with 13 degrees of sweep.
The Mission Control Series are available in 1"/25 mm and 1.5"/38 mm rise so you can 1/2" increment handlebar height.
Includes custom handlebar pad.
The MC 1.5 features:
- 1.5”/38 mm rise for customized ride height between 1” increments
- 29.5”/750 mm width to balance maneuverability with stability
- 1”/25mm bar hooks to increase grip length on straight surface control area
- 13 degree sweep to promote widened elbow position
- 7 degree raise to better align handlebar with steering column for improved steering
Available in titanium and black. Includes custom handlebar pad.