Fox 2.0 Zero QS / 1.5 Zero QS | Track (Front & Rear) Shocks

$900.00 $1,799.99

SKU: 853-52-009

Transform the response and agility of your sled with 2.0 ZERO Quick Switch (QS) Trail shocks. Set up the FOX shocks to support your trail pace with ease. The coil springs maintain a linear feel regardless of temperature fluctuation, which keeps your sled setup quick and simple. Velocity-sensitive damping keeps you planted and confident in any terrain with peerless sophistication.  

FOX's QS technology allows you to adjust the compression damping with ease to suit the snow conditions. Three positions keep the adjustment simple, so you focus on the ride instead of counting clicks.  

Redefine your riding style this season by swapping your stock suspension with 2.0 ZERO QS Trail shocks. Experience the uncompromised durability and performance that FOX shocks offer you on snow.

Adjustments Spring preload (front track)
QS3 – 3 position compression (front and rear track)
Adjustable 24 click rebound (rear track)
Features Genuine Kashima coat
Aluminum body
PTFE-lined spherical bearings
FOX Ice Scraper Technology (FIST)
High-flow velocity-sensitive damping
Fully re-buildable and re-valvable
Front Track Extended Length 14.440
Front Track Compressed Length 9.750
Front Track Travel 4.690
Rear Track Extended Length 21.660
Rear Track Compressed Length 15.740
Rear Track Travel 5.920
Top Mount Eyelet
Bottom Mount Eyelet
Reservoir Piggyback
Fitment notes Track (Front & Rear)