509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Lens


SKU: F02006300-000-999

The 509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Lens is offered in weather-specific tints so you can fine-tune your 509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Goggles for any condition. 509's industry-first Fuzion lens technology enhances clarity and maximizes field of view by fusing Super Anti-Fog inner and outer lenses into one optically clear, ventless construction.
It‚¬s a combination of performance that has taken the high-octane trail riding world by storm.
Swapping tints is easy with the Fast Lens Loading System.
  • Lens vents with Frogzskin® Technology
  • Fog free Fuzion lens technology
  • HCS (High Contrast Spectrum) Technology Lens Options
  • Improved visibility


  • Chrome Mirror/Clear Tint - Sunny & Partly Sunny
  • Clear Lens - Cloudy, Low Light
  • Fire Mirror/Light Rose HCS Tint - Sunny & Partly Sunny